...the ramblings of a self-avowed, practicing heretic


Faith. Spirituality. Mental health. Sex. Food. Friendships. Relationships. God. Pluralism. Wine. Chocolate. 

These are but a few of the things you'll read about here. Life is chaotic sometimes, and in the chaos, we need only breathe in order to find the balance, the stillness, the stasis. 

Hopefully you find some balance here with me...


Change is inevitable


After several years of the same layout, the same style of site, I decided a change was in order. Considering how many changes have happened in my own life in the last two-and-a-half years, what harm could a new website design do?!
Living in a new part of the country, going to a new church, becoming single, pursuing ordination, working out/not working out, I've seen just how normal change is, and how difficult it can be to process.
My hope for finding the balance is that I'll write more, reflect more, and connect more. As always, I'm open to suggestions pertaining to topics and feedback.
Much love, Michael.





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